About Cancer Research Center


Our mission is to gain the latest scientific methods to eliminate cancer while implementing basic and clinical research in every aspect including epidemiology, diagnosis, biology and treatment of cancer as well as promoting knowledge and awareness. We focus exclusively on improving the quality of life for patients with cancer during and after treatment.



Building the database fields for diagnosis and treatment of new and old cancer cases in Khorasan 

Pursuing all available cases in the database for the response to treatment of cancer with obtaining biological samples and their storage

Designing and performing epidemiologic, basic and clinical research projects on cancer in the region

Cooperation between units, universities and international researchers with the aim to promote scientific research projects

Updating methods for cancer diagnosis, clinical care and treatment

Training members to conduct cancer research projects and call for collaborators and students interested in research

Creating a database with videos and scientific texts about malignant diseases, with the information presented in reference books, seminars, and articles

Updating experts in the field of cancer through paper presentations, statistical reports, monthly scientific conferences and media

Attract resources from all possible sources inside and outside of the university

Clinical care and counseling to maintain and improve quality of life in cancer patients during and after treatment

Educating patients on their disease and coping with the complications of treatment