Main Activities

Studies on adult and pediatric cancer

Studies on adult and pediatric cancer

Other Activities

• Eval uati on, translati on, and valida ti on of sta ndardized pati ent-rep ort ed questi onnaires • Pati ent follow-up • Nuclear medicine depar tment, genetic lab, and collaborati on with st em cell depa rtment a nd conferences

Cancer is a debilitating disease that can occur in any stages of human life. This disease exposes the patients and their families to great suffering given its demanding therapeutic course. With the aim of helping such patients, the Cancer Research Center was officially started operating in 2006 to identify modern treatment approaches for adult and pediatric patients suffering from cancer.

This center has made efforts to present clinical and counseling services in order to maintain and improve the quality of patients' lives during and after different phases of treatment and after that by creating an information bank consisting of data related to new and old diagnoses and treated cases of cancer. Moreover, this database helps keep the researchers, health professionals, and patients updated and informed regarding the latest progress and therapeutic methods in this domain.

One of the most important solutions for the treatments of cancer is to inform and educate the patients. Therefore, the center has made efforts to increase the level of patient's knowledge and properly motivate patients to face the disease in an appropriate and healthy way by means of providing training related to the nature of cancer, as well as early and late effects of cancer treatment. Hereby, the center has promoted general and technical knowledge through reporting the results in academic conferences and mass media.

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Investigating the exposure content and intensity of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy in patients suffering from cancer, comparing the estimations of therapists with the results reported by patients

Performing a pilot study for investigating changes in epigenetic and gene lines of a group of patients suffering from esophageal squamous-cell cancer in Golestan province (a part of malignant studies related to esophagus cases in the North of Iran)

Comparing the effectiveness and side effects of Filgrastim made by Samen pharmaceuticals and the effects of Neupogen in patients with breast cancer

Comparing serum levels of VCAMl (E Selection) and ICAMl adhesion molecules in people undergoing pelvic or breast radiotherapy in healthy individuals

Investigating the level of MAGE-1 antigen in serum samples of patients suffering from breast cancer and its relation to prognostic factors

Launching an integrated system for clinical registration of cancer patient information (cancer registry) in the radiotherapy and oncology centers of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


Preliminary clinical trial for the treatment of nausea due to chemotherapy using the Nevasic audio program

Investigating the amount of surgical removal and pathologic response of tumors to presurgery chemoradiotherapy in adenoma carcinomas of locally advanced proximal stomach and esophagogastric junction

Studying COX-2 expression content through immunohistochemistry as a radiation-resistant agent in radiotherapy

Using Celecoxib as an inhibitor for COX-2 in order to improve the status of patients suffering from esophageal cancer in Khorasan province